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Chinese soy sauce misery busted: Shengchou and Laochou, which is the right one?

Soy sauce is almost essential in Chinese cooking. Whether you are frying dishes such as Kung Pao chicken, Ants climbing a tree, fried rice and mapo tofu or making the … Continue reading

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These simple sketches have touched millions of people

Many people these days may not have to come across this horror – travelling to a country on their own without knowing the local language, especially when the country doesn’t … Continue reading

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China surviving guide: hospital

I came across Tom in London. He spent 4 years working as an English teacher in China from 2011. He shared with me his first experience seeing a doctor in a local hospital in 瑞安 (Ruian) which made me feel that I have to write this guide.

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11 Things Show You How Different Christmas Can Be In China

Christmas in China is a totally different festival… Yes, as a Chinese guy who has been living in the UK for more than a year, I can guarantee you that. … Continue reading

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翻译:【Noah Veltman的午餐会】Excel vs. Database



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A mainland dude’s researching journey in Taiwan (1) – reflection on my film and dissertation

Having grown up in China, I have my perception of Taiwan from television shows, the internet and state-owned or government-owned news media. I have never seen Taiwan as a very … Continue reading

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The stopped newspaper, the endless news 停刊的报纸,不停的新闻

This is a piece I wrote as a little tribute to our MA International Journalism project newspaper Wales Weekly which we stopped updating in May. Like I said, “thanks again … Continue reading

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